social networking


The social network is a special website, free of charge, providing users the opportunity to add information about yourself, upload your pictures, videos and other data. On the basis of the added information about yourself, the user receives information about other registered in this network, the people with whom he may have some connections (for example, study in one school, stay in one and the same time in the same vacation home, accommodation in the same locality, common interests, etc.).

Thus, any social network designed for reconnecting old friends, with new acquaintances, communicate, share news, files, etc. Each participant in the network creates its own “mini-site” that represents his personality.

Before the advent of social networking, many people created the Internet for the individual websites themselves – so-called “home page”. They are usually included photographs, contact information, described the range of interests of the owner, his family, activities, etc. To create such a website needed to know hypertext markup language and master all the basics of creating websites, and sometimes even rent the hosting and be able to administer the leased server. With the advent of social networking, everything became much easier. To create your own pages in social networks do not need to pay.For information on it, no special knowledge is also not required.