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Women mistakes Dating

The old photos. Usually sent 2-3 photos, which is enough to have men have a full understanding about the Respondent. Do not send images that were taken at different periods of life. You only need to send recent photo.

The negative information. Negativity repels and repels. Few people gets the pleasure of communicating with a grumpy or cynical. It is better not to write something in the spirit of ”I don’t like…”, ”I can’t Stand…” etc., and make unobtrusive focus on own positive qualities.

Embellishment. One gets the impression that today the Internet sitting only ”fit and slender” girl “with a sports figure” and fight on the spot blue eyes. In fact, the eye color does not affect the likelihood of Dating. Therefore should be treated with respect for their appearance and do not waste time on empty stereotypes. Anyway, any deception will eventually be revealed.

The decrease in age. Any woman tends to be younger than she is in reality. It’s okay if it will be reset a year or two, but no more.

The gift of gab. Female profiles on Dating sites like romance novels. You will need enormous patience to read them at least until the middle. The ultimate brevity in the presentation of ideas will allow faster readers to digest the information that the author wanted to convey to them.

Pretentiousness is. In the questionnaire, you should write about yourself, not about what should be chosen. Do not limit your choice. The more candidates will respond, the better — there will always be an opportunity to select those who are suitable. Furthermore, it is needless to immediately declare their financial claims. Usually men are afraid of ”looking for money”.

Monologues about future children. Even if it is a major goal in life, it is not necessary to write about it in your profile. Men are very afraid of the description of dreams about motherhood from the mouths of unfamiliar women. It is better to write about what is the importance of family values, etc.

Abuse themselves. To describe feelings and emotions with the help of long out of fashion these stupid faces is bad manners.

The fear of writing first. In a Network with millions of profiles and any of them may be lost among the streams of information. You should not be afraid to push your luck – you can be the first to write a suitable boy. The worst thing that can wait is his silence in response.

Game. Respond to emails immediately. No need to wait for several days to make him wait, to misbehave, and to fill his price. During this time, he could forget about the recent Dating.

Men’s mistakes

With virtual Dating men make mistakes much more often than women. Using the anonymity, they often completely forget about etiquette. Seeing Dating any woman, they write her that what in life would never say.

Physical pretentious. It is not necessary to list the physical parameters that I would like to see in lady. Such wishes look terrible. Even a girl with the looks of a supermodel scare an impressive list of requirements. The more that a lot of women have self-esteem physical attractiveness is significantly undervalued.

Questions about weight. This should not be ask. It’s always difficult with precision to provide the desired ratio of female weight and height. The opportunity to find out will be presented later.

Description of favorite activities. Instead of talking about their qualities, men talk about their Hobbies and favorite ways of pastime. A woman wants to find a soul mate, not PAL for trips to the clubs. Therefore it is better to talk about their tolerance, kindness and love for animals. And more specific features in the details that distinguish their owner from the rest! If a man is something writes (perfect education, erudition, good salary), she concluded that none of the men do not have.

The lack of positive emotions. This is especially true of complaints about his ex-girlfriends. Intelligent woman after such a confession runs blindly from the men. On the contrary, we need to talk about what you would like, and not that annoying. Positive is the guaranteed key to a good first impression.

Talking about sex. The first time it is better not to mention.

Molestation. It is not necessary to send a series of messages to learn why the girl does not respond. Options there can be only two: either the girl deals with her numerous messages and no time to reply or she does not even think to answer.

Questions about other respondents. Do not ask about how many girls men on the Internet. The truth, she still will not say and if they say, it will be unpleasant.

Marital status. If a man seeks to find short-term fun, this is well worth it to write. Those who like adventure on the web a lot, because without attention, with such plans to remain difficult. Do not waste your time and those girls who are looking for a stable relationship.

Standard letters. Busy men it is difficult to write different girls different letters, but should at least make little effort to hide it. To this end, the text of the letter need to address the person by name and from time to time to update their templates. Girls are perplexed when they read in the summer about how the author of the letter tired of new year celebrations.

Greed. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the man wants to start communicating with all your favourite girls. However, to write all in a row is not worth it. Still not be able quality of communication and further meetings with each of them. Better to concentrate on those who really arouses interest. Dating online is not the case when the number can go in quality.

The most important thing is to understand who exactly would like to find. This certainty will help to avoid mass confusion. When the goal is clear, it remains the case for small – to achieve it. As you can see, it’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance. However, if you respectfully will treat his new friend, with unprecedented friendliness and warmth will try to understand them, you will succeed! People even at a significant distance are able to feel a good attitude and are subconsciously drawn to such Dating.And there will be interesting meetings and new friends will come love and understanding!