how to create a social network


How to create a network and earn


The idea of social networking is simple – to give people the opportunity to communicate, search for former friends and the YouTube Stream and generally enjoy spending time with. Therefore, the creation of its own social network – a promising business idea that can bring considerable revenue subject to its proper implementation. If you came up with the idea to start this kind of business realistically assess their own strength. Even if you have a good experience webmaster, don’t put out to compete with the promoted projects. If you want to use third-party experts – count your investments.To succeed is not easy, and can fail very easily, as it happened with many.

So, to create a popular and profitable social network, you need a powerful investment, professional marketing, promotion, availability of business connections. Therefore, beginners need to rely on a highly specialized network, for combining user interest. It is in narrow niches of the market the competition is minimal. For example, a project for dog, for cat lovers, for players checkers or chess, for residents of a small town and even for lovers of good food.The options are many, the main thing – to guess which of them might be of interest to potential users, and to determine the level of competition in order to correctly calculate the forces in struggle for the client. The ideal option is for the competitors was not, then your social network will not require a lot of forces and means for development.

Note that the users themselves will not appear. To attract them, fill the network with quality and interesting content – articles, images, audio and video. Start from your name multiple accounts, create blogs and record their fictional visitors, among which must be beautiful women and strong men. Their profiles with photos and print articles on the main page of their network. They will be the face of your project, create the impression of its popularity and attractiveness, will cause a desire to register and communicate.Develop various bonuses and benefits for newly registered people.

4.To be trained in advance in marketing and promotion, try to carry your theme page to something already existent and well-known social network. Not only will this give you invaluable experience in attracting visitors. If you manage to recruit a large number of subscribers or group members to get good money. Thanks to the acquired experience and thus earned funds, you have seriously increased the chances to create your network, unleash it with the help of professionals.

Don’t forget that any social network is important for its functionality. A visitor in your account should be able to create a virtual office, posting photos, music and videos, writing your blog or diary. You should also not skimp on the design and layout of the main page. For it is sure to bring the most interesting and popular posts, images, videos and articles on the subject of the project.

When your asset will gain some popularity, you will be able to receive revenues from advertising, from advertising and contextual partners. Good profits will bring the partnership to a variety of resources, providing paid access to downloading various content. Develop a system of paid functions for the accounts of its users. Remember: the success of such a project is in constant expansion and development of the social network.