Dating men


But how difficult it is to find their “other half” in the current context! Believers do not go to night clubs, attend the fashionable youth “hangouts”… of Course, an Orthodox person can be found in the Church. You can walk with him (or her) in the same temple, to pray, to worship, to commune from one Chalice, but… at the same time remain strangers to each other. Few people will be decided after the service to approach any girl and ask what her plans for tonight. Maybe your future husband or wife waiting for you somewhere hundreds or even thousands of kilometres?..God works in mysterious ways.

And here comes to the aid of the Internet. We have to admit that today it is almost the only opportunity for single Orthodox people to meet. This page Dating for Orthodox Christians, with the blessing of the Abbot of the temple specially created for those who have not yet met your soul mate. We sincerely hope that our project will help you with this!