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On the one hand, online Dating on various sites are full of dangers, devoid of reality (to a point) and much less personal communication. But on the other hand, virtual Dating have become an excellent solution to the problems in his personal life for very busy people who have no time to search for a partner, so to speak, “on the street”. Dating sites enable such people to carefully examine the available options and precious personal time to devote to worthy candidates. What exactly you should pay attention to when choosing a potential partner online?

Photo. You can talk about the beauty of the inner world, but still the first thing that you notice (especially on a Dating site) is the appearance of the person, his photo. Suspicious and unworthy of attention of the questionnaire of men without a photo, clearly a long-standing or edited photo. The representative, who is looking for a serious relationship, should be interested in full disclosure and reliability of information about yourself.

There are pages of applicants, where photos of a loved one, even more than in the female albums. This person obviously enjoys admiring himself, that, in principle, not so bad if you are willing to put up with the narcissism.

The content of the questionnaire. It’s not how much of the text in each paragraph of the questionnaire, but the essence itself. It is known that men, as a rule, are laconic, but the desire to find a companion should be encouraged to provide at least the minimum required information about yourself. The same questionnaire that is more like a poem, either with the naked eye can see that were not filled by the bidder independently, or it is a favorite interested in himself more than anyone else, sometimes cause not less questions, than blank pages.Hardly worthy of a serious relationship and those men who describe their sexual preferences, as well as praise in paints a huge bouquet of existing bad habits.

Special attention should be paid to the provision on requirements to the woman with whom the applicant wishes to meet you. Well, of course, when the person clearly knows what he wants, but we should not forget about adequacy. For example, when the candidate is in their 60s looking for a 20-year-old companion of life; when a man is carefully to centimeters describes what should be the parameters and external data for potential spouses; when the requirements for a woman are more like the requirements of the employer to a new employee (education, responsibilities, skills, etc.).

On a Dating site you can find many different personalities, but the choice is always yours. To facilitate, you need to clearly understand who it is you are looking to decide what for you is the first importance and what is secondary. This way you will narrow search and will be able to make the right choice of candidate for personal communication.