a casual acquaintance


Sometimes partners in a relationship are concerned about whether they are loved at the moment their elected representatives. Sometimes bury themselves, when the center of the Universe become one individual. Love whether with themselves or are so obsessed with addiction that the subject of desire is no longer a separate, unique world, and a simple target. The goal that gives us something we need.Love calls for the disclosure of internal capacity, the desire to give and to give, at that time, as the addiction takes away the last of his strength painful and requires a much greater extent than is generally possible. Partners are not required to meet the expectations of each other. They have their reasons to act one way or another, as well as its unique way, which may be one way for two, temporarily or permanently, and can never truly be crossed.As a rule, dependent relationships “barren” and destructive, because a morbid desire to injured the subconscious to gain confidence at the expense of the beloved illusory. In a harmonious relationship partners remain together with common goals to life, but each is a separate integral personality. No halves. There are two adults who created a Union based on respect, acceptance of each other and mutual responsibility. They are good together, but separately from the longing is not so detrimental, but rather warms warmth and adequacy of the thoughts towards a loved one.The desire to merge with a partner nothing but pain and disappointment to bring not able. The power of feelings in dependent relationships increases a sense of discomfort, but not because of the desire to seek each other to learn.